About Us

Learn about Rose Hill Elementary School!

Our Vision 

  • At Rose Hill, we believe all children can learn when their unique identities and cultural backgrounds are embraced by our school community. By fostering strong and positive relationships, we empower students to feel safe, reach their full potential, and live with integrity so they can become ethical and compassionate citizens.

Our Mission 

  • Our mission is to empower students, staff, and families.  We do this by recognizing that all stakeholders strive to be contributing members who feel supported and comfortable with their identities. This happens through: 

    • Embracing our community's rich cultural backgrounds and providing multiple opportunities for students to express themselves in the classroom.
    • Ensuring high levels of learning for students by planning rigorous instruction for ALL learners.  
    • Collaborating to create an inclusive community where students feel a sense of value, success, and presence.

Our Core Value Beliefs

  • Rose Hill operates as a Professional Learning Community with a focus on the Three Big Ideas—Learning, Collaboration, and Results. The purpose of our school is to ensure that all students learn rather than are taught.  We work collaboratively and collectively with a purposeful focus on holistic student success, rather than intentions.  

Student Rights and Responsibilities