Fourth Grade Supply List

2023-2024 Supply Lists

Black and White Marble Composition Books, wide rule, 100 page 5 Notebooks
Markers, broad tip, assorted colors 1 Pack
EXPO Dry Erase Markers, black 1 pack of 4
Colored Pencils, 7” 1 box of 12
Disinfecting Wipes 1 container
Hand Sanitizer, 20 oz 1 bottle
Plastic Folders, 2-pocket (Folders if possible, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, red) 6 Folders
Scissors for kids, 5”, pointed tip 1 Pair
Highlighter Markers, broad chisel tip, yellow 1 pack of 2
Glue Sticks, small 1 pack of 6
Ticonderoga #2 pencils, 12-count 2 packs
Post-It Notes, 3”x 3”, 100-count package 1 pack
Tissues, 200-count 1 box
Gallon size resealable plastic bags 1 box
Pencil pouch (no pencil boxes please) 1 pouch
Pencil top erasers 1 pack

Additional Items Needed:

  • Backpack (no wheels for safety reasons)
  • Over-the-ear computer headphones (No earbuds or those that connect via bluetooth)