First Grade Supply List

2024-2025 Supply List

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Rose Hill Supply List



1 Black and White Marble Composition Book, wide rule, 100 pg 

4 boxes Crayons, 24-count 

4 Glue Sticks, large (Elmer’s) 

1 each Plastic Folders, 2-pocket with fasteners 

(blue, green and red)

2 boxes Ticonderoga #2 pencils, sharpened with erasers, 12-count box 

1 box Tissues, 200-count 

1 Disinfecting Wipes (Clorox or Lysol) 

1 Bottle of hand sanitizer 

1 Scissors for kids, 5” pointed tip 

2 Pink Erasers, large 

12 Dry Erase Markers, chisel tip, black 

1 box Plastic Gallon-Sized Bags, sealable (Slider) 

1 box Plastic Sandwich-Sized Bags, sealable (Slider) 

1 Binder, 1” 

1 Pencil box   

1 Highlighters, 2-pack 


Additional Items Needed:

Backpack (no wheels for safety reasons)

Over-the-ear computer headphones (No earbuds or those that connect via bluetooth)