Kindergarten Supply List

Supplies are shared as a community – please do not label them.

•  (2)Crayons, 24-36 pack                                                                                                      

•  (2)Tissues, 200-count box                                                                                      

•  (4)Disinfecting Wipes, 35-count package                                                              

•  (12)Glue Sticks, large (.77 oz.)                                                                                           

•  (1)Dry Erase Markers, chisel tip, 4pk assorted colors                                                       

•  (1)Dry Erase Markers, chisel tip, 4pk BLACK                                                                    

•  (2)Highlighter Pens, yellow, fine tip                                                                                   

• (1 each)Plastic Folders, 2-pocket with fasteners  (1 solid color)                                        

   yellow, blue, red and green, purple)

• (2)Pink Erasers, large                                                                                                          

• (2)Felt-Tip Pens, black                                                                                                        

•  (1)One bottle of hand sanitizer                                                                              

•  (1 box)Color Markers, broad tip, 10-count, classic colors                                                 

•  (1 box)Colored Pencils, classic colors                                                                    

•  (1)Bottle of Elmer’s Glue                                                                                       


Additional Items Needed:

Backpack  (no wheels for safety reasons)

Computer Headphones  (NO EARBUDS)

  • Solid color, no characters on headphones