Calm Room!

By Richard Chinn
November 07, 2019

Welcome to CALM class! CALM is “Classrooms and Communities Achieving Lifelong Mindfulness.

In CALM class at Rose Hill, we will be using the Peace of Mind curriculum. The goal of the Peace of Mind program is to help shift school cultures toward kindness and inclusion.  It helps students become emotionally, intellectually, and physically able to learn.  The tools the curriculum teaches-mindfulness practices, conflict resolution skills, and the habit of kindness-give students what they need to calm themselves and to focus in class. These tools have also shown to lead to less bullying and more external harmony and inclusion in the school community, allowing teachers to focus on teaching instead of discipline or conflict resolution.

It is very exciting seeing our PE teachers, Lori Peevy and Dave Worst, guide our students in mastering these useful techniques that will be useful for a lifetime!